Turkey Burger

We all want burgers every week, there’s no doubt about that. But, as adults, we all realize that maybe we should not obey that weekly desire. Enter turkey burger. This easy recipe covers all key points and satisfies our desires without guilt because of red meat. This is a better choice for weekdays.

We love our turkey burgers for one simple reason: We let them. We are not trying to cover up the fact that it is turkey. Instead, we embraced him. We brought out the flavor and made it the best turkey dang burger available. Turkey burgers tend to be drier so we add eggs to our eggs to help them blend together and provide moisture. We also use 94 percent ground turkey and don’t recommend anything higher than that or burgers might not stick together.

Easy Dinner Recipe Spinach-Feta-Turkey-Burgers #easydinnerrecipe

Can I add different items to my items?

Really! We clearly love what we are, but there are a number of exchanges you can make so that we truly support! Don’t have Worcestershire? Use soy sauce or even liquid smoke! Add finely chopped shallots to your garlic or exchange parsley for the concoctions you have. You can also add more seasonings like paprika, chili powder, or mustard greens. This burger is flexible!

Can I bake it?

Yes you can! When summer comes, heat your grill and cook your burgers outside. Char is always welcomed at the burger.




  1. 1 pound of ground turkey
  2. 1 large egg, beat
  3. 2 cloves of garlic, chopped
  4. 1 teaspoon. Worcestershire Sauce
  5. 2 tbsp. freshly cut parsley
  6. Freshly ground black pepper
  7. Halal salt
  8. 1 teaspoon. extra-virgin olive oil
  9. Lettuce
  10. Burgers
  11. mayonnaise
  12. Tomato slices


  1. Mix turkey, garlic, eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and parsley, then season with pepper and salt into a large bowl. Then form the mixture into four flat breads.
  2. Heat oil into a medium-sized skillet on medium heat. Add bread and cook until cooked, over 5 minutes more per side. Serve bread with the toppings you want.
  3. Food is ready to be served.

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