Three Delicious and Easy Keto Recipes Desserts for Your Diet!

Are you having a diet keto and want to know more about keto recipes desserts? Well, there has a misconception about having a diet when you should not consume anything sweet for your meal. Actually, you can eat something sweet as long as it does not contain any sugar, or sugar-free and also gluten-free. This article will give you three delicious and easy keto recipes desserts that you can try for your daily snack! Yeah, we know that you are afraid of eating a meal when you are still on your diet, but do not worry, you could even have them if you follow the rules to only consume low-carb food. So, what are the keto recipes desserts which we would mention below?

Chocolate coconut cupcake


Chocolate! Who does not like this kind of food? Everyone loves it! And as an individual who on a diet, you also could have chocolate as well. You need not worry about your diet as it would not ruin your diet track. One of the recipes you can make for your keto snack is chocolate coconut cupcake. Like its name, this dessert has the main ingredients of chocolate and coconut. Why do you have to use coconut on your keto diet? It is because coconut serves the natural sugar for the snack. This vital ingredient makes this dessert healthier than we have thought of before. The essential thing you have to know about this dessert is that you can make it by yourself! Thus, it would not cost you high prices for purchasing the ingredients. However, if you try to buy this cupcake on a cake shop, maybe you would cost so much money. Recipe Hire

Coconut matcha cupcake


Almost similar with the above recipes about the chocolate cupcake, coconut matcha cupcake also shares the same ingredients with the chocolate ones, since it also uses coconut as the main ingredient to add the natural sweetness for the dessert. While the difference lies on the main element of the snack itself, which is matcha! Matcha is made from green tea leaves and it becomes a favourite flavor for most people. Matcha is considered healthy because it has a cancer-fighting agent which is good for our body if we consume it regularly. Another significant benefit of having matcha as our meal is that it could help to reduce our weight! Therefore, if you could not stop yourself from eating healthy snacks, you should add a coconut matcha cupcake on your diet menu list. Recipe Hire

Oreo Cookies Keto

Oreo Cookies Keto

The last keto recipes desserts that we want to share with you is oreo cookies keto. As we mentioned above, cookies are still safe to be consumed for you who still on diet. The color of this dessert is black and white, just like an oreo. The black color comes from cocoa powder while vanilla cream provides the white color of this snack. To make this dessert, you should not use sugar and vegetable oil. You only need to bake the cookies and then fill it up with the vanilla cream which we have mentioned above. If you follow this rule, then this cookie would only give you one carb for each. Recipe Hire