Keto Breakfast Sandwich

You who do keto diet can also try to make one of favorite keto recipes for breakfast. There are so many people that recommend you to prepare sandwich for your best breakfast because it is low in carbs, and high in healthy fats too. You can add avocado and eggs for your sandwich. Making homemade bread is simple because you only need 4 ingredients. For all of you who like to make this sandwich too, you can try recipe below.

Keto Breakfast Sandwich


  • Homemade keto bread that you can make by yourself with gluten free and low carb ingredients
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • Salt pepper
  • 1 tomato
  • Boiled egg


Instruction to cook:

  • Mash the avocado first in the bowl and then you need to make it becomes pure.
  • Adding salt and pepper for the taste. It will depend on your favorite taste
  • Prepare two slices of homemade bread and then your can add spread avocado paste
  • Cut the boiled egg and tomato into slices
  • Add the boiled egg and tomato on the top of your sandwich
  • Enjoy your keto sandwich

For all of you who are vegetarian but you are interested in trying this one of best keto recipes for breakfast, you can just skip the egg and then replace with your favorite vegetables or red pepper. How about you who are big fan of meat? It is simple for you to add your favorite grilled chicken. You can make it for two sandwich and for two people. It is simple recipe because you only need 15 minutes or less to prepare this breakfast recipe. You can prepare all ingredients first and then start to make your own and your favorite keto breakfast with sandwich idea. You can also find some other variation of sandwiches for one of favorite keto recipes for breakfast.