Delicious Chicken Recipes for Dinner

There are plenty of dinner recipes with chicken that we can find from a cookbook or internet. We all know that chicken never gets old. Chicken is also always a good alternative for those who are not into red meat. The recipes for chicken-based foods vary from the simplest to the complex one. Even chicken soup never disappoints us, especially for chilly weather. And no one can say no to a fried chicken for sure. From one continent to another we can find so many creative recipes. Some others are very authentic and become very popular. This time we will have 3 dinner recipes with chicken that will be good for a family dinner and it will not be too complicated to make.

Vol Au Vent: White Cream Sauce Delicacy

The first one is the Vol Au Vent. This dish is French and of course a glass of white wine will be a plus. Vol Au Vent is perfect for dinner in a homey atmosphere as this dish always becomes the favorite dinner for French people when they have family meetings such as Christmas eve. Apart from how special this dish is, it is also one of the easiest dinner recipes with chicken that you can make at home. It is delicious yet having a rich taste, can be found in so many restaurants. This dish is not heavy too, so it is suitable for everyone across the globe. If you are inviting friends from different countries, this is going to be a good choice.

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

The second one of this dinner recipe with chicken is the grilled chicken teriyaki bowl. This is also unique and unlike any strong seasoning of Asian cuisines, this one is considered to be a light one so that your guests who are not getting used to the Asian cuisine with strong seasoning, this is a good option. This is simple and it is good to serve with your favorite vegetables. Usually, broccoli and carrots are the vegetables that fit this dish very perfectly. The steam white rice that is quite a bit sticky will surely be perfect for dinner. You can go with soft drinks or Asian hot or iced tea if you do not like to have some alcohol.

Chicken Chili Con Carne

The third is from the other continent, America! Chicken Chili Con Carne is the typical dish from the southern Texas but inspired by the Mexican. It is easy and delicious. You can serve it with fries, rice, or even Doritos.

Those three chicken-based cooking recipes are very practical. This is even suitable for you who only lives with simple cooking equipment. Chicken  is for everybody and it is also not as heavy as the red meat. This is very suitable for a casual meeting with your friends, colleagues, or even your neighbors. So, give them all a try and you will know which food that is more suitable for you and your beloved people. These are all delicious dinner recipes with chicken that you cannot resist for sure!