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Keto Sushi with Cream Cheese Recipe

Here we have keto recipes with cream cheese to make sushi. Even though you are on a keto diet, you still can enjoy sushi! Ingredients 5 oz of cream cheese; ½ medium avocado; One cup of chopped cauliflower; ¼ cup of cucumber; 1 nori wrapper; Soy sauce; One tablespoon of coconut oil. How to make

Ketogenic Cheesecake Recipe

As we have mentioned earlier, you can get variations for your keto diet with keto recipes with cream cheese. In this section, we will show you to make the delicious Ketogenic Cheesecake. The time needed to make this scrumptious cake is under two minutes. You need to prepare a microwave. The ingredients would be better

3 Tasty Keto Recipes with Cream Cheese

If you are skeptical about the keto diet due to the limited options of food, you should take a look at these keto recipes with cream cheese. Cream cheese is an ingredient that will make anything tastes delicious because it offers sweet and savory as well as everything in between. Here are recipes of various

Breakfast Egg Muffin

One of delicious keto recipes for breakfast to try at your home is breakfast egg muffin. For all of you who do diet program, it doesn’t mean that you will be busy to cook all things in long time. You really need to prepare your breakfast in short time when you try to make egg

Keto Breakfast Sandwich

You who do keto diet can also try to make one of favorite keto recipes for breakfast. There are so many people that recommend you to prepare sandwich for your best breakfast because it is low in carbs, and high in healthy fats too. You can add avocado and eggs for your sandwich. Making homemade